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RE in the wider community


We had a great time visiting the church as part of our 'religion in the community' topic. Many thanks to Reverend Mandy for making it such fun! 

Gymnastics at Tuxford

Hinduism Day


"Thank you for inviting me on behalf of Hinduism Education Services to run workshops at your school last week. Apart from being a small friendly and pleasantly situated school, there was one aspect I noted. It struck me at the end how smoothly my first session had gone. Although keeping the delivery lively I did not have to animate myself too much in order to grab the pupils’ attention-as is often the case. Even the youngest of 3 or 4 years were peaceful, secure and focused, yet alert and engaged with the subject. That stood out; I suppose that is the real meaning of outstanding!"  - Indri


“All the things he [Indri] said were very inspiring to hear.” (Pupil aged 6)


“I thought Hinduism day was fun because we did face painting. Indri did one and it was beautiful. He took a lot of pride in his face painting.” (Pupil aged 7))


“I think Hinduism is probably the most peaceful religion in the world.” (Pupil aged 10)


“Hinduism day was amazing! We learnt so much from Indri. I now know that Hindu’s say Namaste instead of hello, they pray in a temple and most are vegetarian and don’t eat meat.” (Pupil aged 9)

Hunter The Sinraptor Dinosaur Assembly


To support our work on evolution and our topic the land before time, we were visited by a two-legged super-predator known as the Sinraptor! At over seven metres long, it is one of the largest predators ever discovered in China. The children got to ask lots of questions and it was the perfect assembly in preparation for our school trip later in the term.

Bee talk and making honey!

Healthy Lifestyle Assembly


To support our work on healthy living and to complement the extra exercise we do with Fit4School, Mr. Tatterson visited us to talk about the importance of a healthy diet. He talked to the children about choosing the right foods, explained the Eatwell Guide and showed the children just how much sugar was in their favourite drinks! It was a very interesting assembly and we are all so grateful for Mr Tatterson's time and advice. 

Pancake Day! The whole school had fun making pancakes, researching the origins of pancake day and creating pancake recipes!

Whole School Mosque Trip 

Exploring the digestive system


We looked closely at the digestive system, naming each important part and investigating their function. We wrote about the journey of food, with some children writing as the food itself! We finished this aspect of Science Week by making 2D and 3D models of the digestive system ready for our display.


Wrens Autumn Walk 


"I liked seeing the horses." (Pupil aged 4)


"I liked picking up the leaves." (Pupil aged 4)


"I enjoyed looking at the views." (Pupil aged 5)


"I enjoyed looking at our shadows." (Pupil aged 4)

Islam Faith Experience Day


"I loved the Islamic experience because we learnt about a different culture." (Pupil aged 8)


"I enjoyed finding out about a different culture through interactive learning." (Pupil 10)


"I really liked learning about how other people live and seeing it from their point of view." (pupil aged 8)


"All the children were so welcoming." - Ken & Muhammad (Visitors)


To the staff at North Clifton school,


My husband and I would like to say how lovely it was to see photographs on the school website of our grandson being educated, and in such a diverse subject as Islam. We are living in an Islamic country at the moment and have many Muslim friends who were delighted to hear how a small rural school, 3000 miles away, are preparing their children for the cosmopolitan world they will inherit. Thank you team NC school for enabling us to share, we look forward to seeing what's next.


Kind regards,


Lynne and Roy McKergan (grandparents of Y2 child)