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As North Clifton is a lovely, small school, most of our data is suppressed by the Department of Education so that the performance on individual children cannot be identified within the cohort. All our children try very hard on their assessments and we are always very proud of their outcomes.  You can follow the link below to the Department for Education's website which contains all of our data that is allowed to be published. 


2019 end of KS2 Attainment Scores


Our Year 6 cohort this year was large enough for our data to be published.  Details are as follows:


  School  National Average
Pupils meeting expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths 71% 65%
Pupils meeting higher standard in Reading, Writing and Maths 0% 11%
Average score in Reading 108 104
Average score in Maths 103 105
Progress in Reading +3.8 -
Progress in Writing +0.3 -
Progress in Maths -1.9 -




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