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Welcome to Owls!
"Welcome to our classroom! I really enjoy it in here because I have met so many lovely friends. The teachers in this class are really caring and include everyone in the lessons. We do all sorts of things in this class - one topic we did was the Romans. I learnt so much about them - I didn't know that the Romans introduced our calendar, coins, water system and even the government!

There are many other subjects that we learn in here, so let's move on to my favourite subject - Literacy. I certainly enjoy Literacy - it's so much fun. There is so much to learn and write about. Next is Maths. I really like Maths, so many different strategies just to add 50 + 50! So  many complex symbols that you have to glue to the back of your mind.

After Maths, it's Science. Science is fun because I love experimenting. My favourite experiment was to see how much water a material would absorb. Using crepe paper, the dye came out of the paper and instead stained the sellotape and paper towels! Last of all is RE which is an interesting subject. I've learnt so many different things about so many different beliefs.

If you would like to know more about our class, please come and see us because we'd love to meet you." - Year 4 pupil (aged 8)

Please look in the different school terms below to see our photographs and information about what the children have been doing.
Spring Term 2021: We had great fun during Science Week. We joined in with the Robokids Space show on Microsoft teams and made our own Solar Systems using paper plates. We finished with some tower building using spaghetti and marshmallows. This was a fantastic team building exercise.  

Spring term 2021: Science Week

Budding artists - We made some amazing cards for Mother's Day.

We completed our addition and subtraction unit by writing our own word problems, representing them using a bar model and part whole model and then putting the numbers into a place value grid using natural materials.

Autumn 2020


Our topic this term is 'Our Wonderful World'. So far, we have looked at what makes us special and designed abstract self-portraits. We have looked at different continents and countries throughout the world using atlases and the internet and have created our own maps. We have found out about the different climate zones and biomes around the world and have written non-chronological reports about them. We have also created our own biomes in a box using a selection of collage materials. 


We have begun to use 'The Write Stuff' approach in English and have produced some fantastic narrative writing based on the film 'Feast'. We have also written some amazing poetry inspired by one of our favourite poetry books,  'The Lost Words'.  Next half term we will focus on the environment; writing newspaper reports based around taking care of our environment. We will also be looking at  'The Journey', a picture book by Aaron Becker, and continuing to develop our narrative writing.


In Science, we have found out all about 'States of matter' and what the three main states are - gas, solid and liquid - and related this to the three main states of water. We have learnt about the freezing, melting and boiling points of water and all about evaporation and condensation, and the water cycle. Next half term our Science work will be all about forces. 


In RE we have been thinking about the theme of 'Wisdom and authority.' We have found out about what wisdom is and have looked at proverbs and  'words of wisdom' from other well known and influential people. Next half term our topic will be pilgrimages and the pilgrimages that people with different religious beliefs undertake.


Our Maths focus has been Place Value, using a variety of manipulatives to show different numbers and make calculations. We will also explore the four operations as well as trying to improve our already amazing scores on our times table challenges. Hit the Button has also been a favourite, with everyone trying to beat their score each time! This can be accessed at home if anyone wants the extra practice! Next half term we will also be focussing on all things fraction related.

Some of the remembrance stones that the children placed around the villages of North and South Clifton in November as a way of commemorating Remembrance Day, and helping the community to remember too.