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The Friends of North Clifton Primary School is our PTFA. This enthusiastic and dedicated committee of parents, staff and community members raise funds for the school through regular events and activities. The money raised is used to enrich the children's time at school and widen their school experience, for example, the Friends have recently contributed to coach costs for a trip to Perlethorpe and they funded the pupils' 2022 Christmas Party.


The Friends are currently looking for new members to help plan events and fundraise, so if you are able to help in any way, do please email

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Friends of North Clifton Newsletters

Vol 1 Issue 2 - October 2022 
Autumn Fair - Fundraising - How to Support

We managed another highly successful Autumn Fair! I don't think we had quite as many people this year, however people still spent well and we raised over £1000!

The whole Friends Committee would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated time, prizes or came and spent money. A special thank you to the parents who stayed late and helped us take the marquees down so we could get home at a reasonable time!

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