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Welcome to Robins

Welcome to our classroom! On this page you will see all the wonderful things we do in Years 1 and 2. Please take the time to look at our pictures and read about our work. You will also be able to see all the amazing topics we cover across the curriculum. If you would like to know more about our class or our curriculum, please come and visit us. We look forward to meeting you!


Here is what some of our children have to say about our class.

"The teachers help us to learn and write. I have learnt that islands always have water around them." 
- Year 2 pupil (aged 6)

"The teachers are kind. I have learnt a lot about subtraction. I feel safe in our classroom." - Year 3 pupil (aged 7)

"I like our topic lessons because we learn about the old days and things like Saxon houses. I've enjoyed our art work, we made houses for The Borrowers!" - Year 3 pupil (aged 7)

"The teachers really care about us. They are really kind when they explain the work." - Year 2 pupil (aged 6)


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