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Our School Council meet regularly to discuss events and ideas for fundraisers, to talk about and resolve any problems or worries and to plan new school initiatives such as mentoring, anti-bullying strategies, etc.

North Clifton Primary School Rules

Agreed by School Council September 2022


Care: for the School; for each other; for the environment; for your appearance.

Listen: to each other; to teachers and adults around the School.

Important: share equipment and resources fairly; ensure everyone is included. 

Friend: be a good friend to everyone. Look after those smaller than yourself.

Try: to give everything your best effort; do your best.

Obedience: be obedient and behave sensibly around school.

North Clifton Primary School - a safe, happy place to be…

Lunchtime Rules

Agreed by School Council September 2022


  • Don’t swing on your chair;

  • Don’t swing your lunch box or water bottle around;

  • Don’t play with your food;

  • Be quiet and don’t shout across the room;

  • Don’t kick the tables;

  • Always give your food a try;

  • No feet on the table or the chairs;

  • Sit properly on the chairs;

  • Tidy away the chairs properly;

  • Keep your hands to yourself;

  • Be polite to the dinner ladies;

  • Do the tables and floors properly- Year 3 +;

  • Remember BBC- (Bottom Back Chair) - TNT- (Tummy Near Table) – SLOFF - (Six Legs On Floor Forever).

Safety in North Clifton Primary School: A Pupil Perspective.

Outcomes of a discussion with pupils during PSHE assembly – 17.10.2016

Mr. L Christopher


Pupils were asked what my most important job in school was.

  • Looking after everyone. (Year 4 pupil)

  • Keeping us all safe. (Year 6 pupil)


Pupils were then asked about their perception of safety in our school. They were asked to give examples of what we do to ensure pupil safety during the day.


These are the findings:

  • Staff look after us all during the day. (Year 2 pupil)

  • You encourage us to do the right things. (Year 4 pupil)

  • You lock the gates in the morning and open them again at home time. (Year 4 pupil)

  • We have fire drills so we know what to do if there was a real fire. (Year 4 pupil)

  • You ensure you know who we are going home with at home time. (Year 6 pupil)

  • We make up school rules with the school council. (Year 4 pupil)

  • You make sure we walk down the path and take care with the road at home time. (Year 4 pupil)

  • You make sure everyone behaves in school. (Year 5 pupil)

  • There is always an adult on duty outside. (Year 6 pupil)

  • There are fences all around the school. (Year 6 pupil)

  • We get first aid when we are hurt. (Reception pupil)

  • Teachers stop games if someone gets hurt. (Year 6 pupil)

  • Teachers remind us to walk sensibly around school. (Year 1 pupil)

  • Everyone looks after each other when they get hurt. (Reception pupil)

  • Older children set a good example. (Year 2 pupil)

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