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GDPR & Privacy Notice 

North Clifton Primary School respects you and your child’s privacy and is committed complying with privacy legislation. The information below is what is referred to as a ‘Privacy Notice’ which explains how the school uses and protects your personal information. 


Before we start, if you look at the foot of the page, you’ll see a list of services that the school provides. Under each service is more detailed information about how we use and protect your personal information, simply click on the document to find out more. 


North Clifton Primary School has a Data Protection Officer whose role it is to ensure that any personal information processed by the Organisation is processed fairly and lawfully (respecting your rights and ensuring we follow the law). If you have any concerns or questions regarding how we look after your personal information, please contact the Data Protection Officer, Mrs Sanderson at or by calling 01522 778609.

Why we use personal information

We may need to use some information about you to:

  • deliver services and support to you;

  • manage those services;

  • train and manage the employment of our workers who deliver those services;

  • help investigate any worries or complaints you have about our services;

  • keep track of spending on services;

  • check the quality of services; and

  • to help with research and planning of new services.

What are our legal reasons for processing personal information?

There are a number of legal reasons why we need to collect and use personal data.  Each privacy notice, at the foot of the page, explains for each service which legal reason is being used. Generally we collect and use personal information in the following circumstances:

  • Where you, or your legal representative, have given consent;

  • Where you have entered into a contract with us;

  • Where it is necessary to perform our statutory duties;

  • Where it is necessary to protect someone in an emergency;

  • Where it is required by law;

  • Where it is necessary for employment purposes;

  • Where you have made your data publicly available;

  • Where it is necessary to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim;

  • Where it is in the substantial public interest;

  • Where it is necessary to protect public health;

  • Where it is necessary for archiving public interest material, research, or statistical purposes.


Where we are using your consent to process your personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.  If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact so that your request can be dealt with.

Further Information
The links below provide in further detail how we handle personal information. 
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For further information about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), please click HERE


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